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Some very nice rear action from ultra-hunk Channing Tatum in his new flick “The Vow”. Channing’s bulked up considerably over the last year, looking incredibly ripped and ready for action. I’m predicting we’ll see him break out big time over the next 12 months (and, oh yeah, you’re heard it here first).

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These shots of hottie Trevor Donovan, best known for his continuing role on TV’s “90210”, are from the Starmale daily picture blog which is coming up with some really fantastic stuff these days. They appear to have been shot for a magazine in a deliberately retro style and, for once, it seems to work out just fine. Beefcake ahoy!

Singer/songwriter and definite cutie, ADAM LEVINE strips down to promote awareness in the fight against testicular cancer.

Long before he was tapped to become the newest James Bond, actor and mega-hunk-a-man Daniel Craig was establishing himself as one of Britain’s most talented and sexy stars. In these series of captures from “Some Voices”, Mr. Craig gives us the opportunity to observe his naked body from every angle.

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These are new captures from the STARMALE DAILY PICTURE FEED of Danish hottie Johan Philip Asbaek in the 2010 film “R”. Enjoy!


These are new captures courtesy of STARMALE of mega-hunk actor Jon Fleming from the hot TV series Femme Fatales. You may remember Jon from his continuing role as Adam on Dante’s Cove. It’s rare to see an American actor who’s so willing to show everything he’s got, but in Mr. Fleming’s case, there’s no reason to hide!

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He’s now recognized as one of the best actors in the world, but there was a time when Javier Bardem was also hailed as one of the sexiest men in the world and these pics demonstrate the why and the wherefore. Descending from a family of actors, he first came to fame in his native Spain in the 1992 sex comedy Jamon Jamon and, by carefully choosing roles of increasing complexity and freshness, he has gone from one critical and popular success after another. These shots from another Spanish comedy early in his career showcase the more physical aspects of his talent:

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Wow, these paparazzi shots of tennis legend Rafael Nadal were totally unexpected, but oh how welcome they are. If you are into nude athletes, you need to check out the site below:


Among my most cherished fantasies is the notion of seeing a full-frontal posed nude of footballer David Beckham. While there are plenty of rear shots available (see the link below), Mr. B. has been totally resistant to the idea of being, well, up-front with us. In the absence of any nice nudes of David Beckham, we’ll have to settle for some very fine skin shots, all of which leave only a small something to the imagination. I don’t know about you, but I’m using mine to its full capacity. Enjoy!

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That French actor Jeremie Renier is hot is something a whole lot more than 6 MILLION Frenchmen can agree on. As these caps from 1998’s “Criminal Lovers” demonstrate, his appeal is totally international! In the last dozen years, he’s made something like 25 films, proving he’s not only gorgeous, but seriously talented as well.

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