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Ewan McGregor has taken off his clothes so many times in so many films that it’s almost ho-hum EXCEPT how can anybody ever get tired of Ewan’s nude body? I know I can’t. Here’s a couple of recent captures from The Ghost Writer released earlier this year:

Whoa — here’s a serious blast from the past. Richard Thomas a.k.a. Johnboy Walton shows a little rear skin action with his grandpa in this blooper from the series. Check it out:

In my humble op, Daniel Craig is about as close as it gets to the definition of ‘smokin’. An incredibly hot man who only seems to get hotter with age. Here’s a long EXPLICIT excerpt from his breakthrough performance as artist Francis Bacon’s lover in Love is the Devil (1998). Enjoy!


Our friends at Starmale have a cool new blog post that details the movies in which mega-star Christian Bale skins. There’s also a link to the scene in “American Psycho” where he goes full-frontal with a vengeance (and a chainsaw!). After having viewed the clip, I now really understand why they call Batman the “caped crusader.”

I think Brando Eaton is hands-down one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood today. He’s got it all: Looks, talent and a smokin body that makes me seriously bothered every single time I see him on the screen. Here’s some nice shirtless shots from my collection (nudes can be found here):

(from the Starmale Blog)

OK, we admit it. We’re oh so hot for Jake Gyllenhall…so that makes us and about 50 million other people!

And it’s for good reason cuz Mr. Gyllenhaal doesn’t only have his licks down solid as an actor, wowing us wild in films as diverse as Danny Darko, Jarhead and, of course, Brokeback Mountain, but he remains one of the sexiest and most popular young stars in the whole Hollywood cosmos.

As far as skin is concerned, Jake seemed to have an initial reluctance to show much of his, but in the last few years, he’s been increasingly less inhibited in both film and public, giving fans ample opportunities to check out his fine form. In the aforementioned Jarhead (2005), Jake provides some superb views of his seriously sinewy ass. Vide

Jake Gyllenhaal nude
Jake Gyllenhaal nude
Jake Gyllenhaal naked

Regrettably, CNN/CBS newsman and closeted gay hunk Anderson Cooper seldom skins, but here’s the one and only vid that manages to catch the “silver fox” shirtless…