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Long before The Tudors, the brilliant and beautiful Jonathan Rhys Meyers was taking hearts by storm by the simple expedient of taking off his clothes. In this collage from the 1998 film The Tribe, we get a major eyeful (including lots of full frontal) of the 21 year old Meyers alongside the equally excellent Jeremy Northam.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers naked

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I can’t pretend that I was around when he was top o’the pops, but looking at pictures of rock star Adam Ant back in the day makes me wish I was! Wow, talk about smokin hot. Word is he’s trying for a comeback, but I doubt at age 55 he’s going to be attracting the kind of attention he did in the early 80s. Here’s some EXTREMELY HOT pictures of him from the Starmale archive:

Former child star and current has-been Bug Hall apparently hasn’t given up on the idea of reclaiming the limelight. These new pictures of the one-time star of the remake of The Little Rascals and “The Munster’s Scary Christmas” have suddenly popped-up all over the Net and, oh yeah, we’re totally stoked that they have. Here’s some especially good shots from our buds over at Starmale who, as usual, have everything you could ever want in male celebrity nudity.

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As these pictures prove, British actor Andy Whitfield who plays the epinonymous rebel-slave gladiator in Spartacus: Blood & Sand was not only picked for the role for his acting talent (which is considerable in itself). He is about as close as you can get to MEGA-HUNK in this century or any other!

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Back in the day, Rob Lowe was the hottest of hot boys. I recently saw a bunch of his flicks from the 80’s and fell instantly in love! What a magnificent body, what a beautiful face.  Here’s a few nude shots from the Starmale archive, including a full-frontal.



Lots more nude pics and videos here.

Corey Haim’s recent death from an overdose didn’t come as exactly a shock to those of us who’d followed his career (or what was left of it) over the last years. I, for one, prefer to remember him as he was in the glory days of the 80s when he was one of the hottest guys on the silver screen. Here’s some pictures (including nudes) from my personal collection:

Olympic figure skating champ flashes a nice bit of skin in this vid:

Our sponsor/friends at STARMALE recently featured a huge visual presentation of Madmen star John Hamm with more than 50 captures and videos from scenes where he shows some skin. If, like me, you’re hot for Hamm, then you’ll love these pics: