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BY REQUEST: Finnish actor Peter Franzen nude and fully frontal:

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Chris Zylka may have made his name by playing Gabe on Disney’s squeaky clean series Hannah Montana, but he’s starting to play a little dirtier these days. These caps from the famous Starmale archive prove the point, including some really nice rear shots that definitely are in the “keeper” category. Check them out:

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The smoking hot Jason Behr showing us some lovely skin that’s seriously inked from the flick “The Tattooist” (2007).

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I’m not even going to pretend that these shots of the HUNKALICIOUS Dylan Walsh are anything less than mouthwatering and heat-inducing. There are simply few actors in Hollywood who look better nude than Mr. Walsh. Check them out:

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British actor Matthew Leitch (whom you may remember from his role in Band of Brothers) gives us some full-frontal full-throttle FAP action in these smokin hot captures from the 2009 flick Sabor Tropical. Check out the full video link below.

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He’s the “flavour de jour” these days, but it’s for a damn good reason. Actor, writer, artist James Franco seems to excel at everything he puts his hand to. For lovers of skin, he particularly excels at sending shivers up our spines whenever he takes his clothes off (which, tragically, is far too seldom). Here’s a few choice portraits of the naked Mr. Franco (from the always reliable STARMALE archive)

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Here’s a little pre-Christmas gift for everyone who loves pretty pictures of insanely hot men. Six glorious shots of former Madonna boytoy, actor, model and all-around bad-boy Tony Ward. Cheers!

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I freely admit it, Stephen Dorff is one of those people who absolutely drives me over-the-edge, makes me crazy with desire, starts my head sweating and my knees shaking. It’s not that he’s the best looking or hunkiest celeb out there, but what he does have (and have in spades) is sex appeal. He positively radiates SEX and never more so than in these new pics from the archive:

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