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OK, we admit it. We’re oh so hot for Jake Gyllenhall…so that makes us and about 50 million other people!

And it’s for good reason cuz Mr. Gyllenhaal doesn’t only have his licks down solid as an actor, wowing us wild in films as diverse as Danny Darko, Jarhead and, of course, Brokeback Mountain, but he remains one of the sexiest and most popular young stars in the whole Hollywood cosmos.

As far as skin is concerned, Jake seemed to have an initial reluctance to show much of his, but in the last few years, he’s been increasingly less inhibited in both film and public, giving fans ample opportunities to check out his fine form. In the aforementioned Jarhead (2005), Jake provides some superb views of his seriously sinewy ass. Vide

Jake Gyllenhaal nude
Jake Gyllenhaal nude
Jake Gyllenhaal naked